Who is this “Hipsy” Artist?

Being born in the late 50’s, I’m one of those late baby boomers who grew up with television that we pretty much watched only on a Sunday evening “The Wonderful World of Disney”, ahhh I loved it. We built barbie a house out of boxes, bricks and stuff we found, and it always looked beautiful when my brothers G.I. Joe came to pick her up in his Jeep. We played outside all day during the summer and didn’t come in until dark, Coca-Cola made the commercial “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing”, which I can still sing today, the Vietnam war (so much going on there), no such thing as a computer in every home (what the heck was a computer) and mobile phones where huge! I loved and still love, the music of John Denver, yes I was somewhat of a tree hugger, high school H.O.P.E (Help Our Problemed Earth) club, you will always be in my heart. Give me a little “Sunshine on My Shoulders”  and that “Peaceful Easy Feeling” (thank you Eagles) and my life is lookin’ good. So why call myself a Hipsy Artist, because I am a creative, not with just paint and brush, but in my life, I have peace in my soul, I surround myself with love, I’m making changes, each day is my opportunity to move toward a simpler way of life. Here at Hipsy Artist,  I will document that journey, with my art, images and words. This is my time to express who I am and my journey to a peaceful, fewer worries, fewer things, more loving way of life.

Side note: OK, so I don’t exactly look like my drawing, but I do have blue in my hair, pretty much that hair cut, I have blue lenses in my “prescription” sun glasses and my face is not that skinny, but it’s me on the inside.


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