A Simple Beginning

IMG_7712Today was a beginning for me, the beginning of this journey to simplify my life. Well, it is really Carter, my wonderful husband and my life, that is being simplified. I probably have the most work to do, because I find I have become overly connected to my stuff, Carter is good with just being with me, ahhh, so sweet, but it makes it much easier for him to simplify, in terms of stuff. I found this quote in the book “Simple Truths” by Kent Nerburn; it hit home with me, spoke straight to my heart:

“Most of our possessions arrive in our lives almost by accident.  Gradually like falling snow, they accumulate around us until they form the basis for our identity. We do not intend this to happen. Most things we acquire are meant to increase our happiness and sense of fulfillment. But their uniqueness is quickly subsumed into the ordinariness of daily affairs. We wake up one day and find ourselves surrounded by possessions that mean nothing to us. Our freedom is gone; our lightness of being is gone. In their place is a sense of responsibility and ownership. We have become curators of our own cluttered reality.”

        So, I am on a journey to regain my freedom, my lightness of being. First thing, a good cleaning of my closet, really I have clothes in there from ten years ago, if not more. It was truly liberating to toss all those things I haven’t had on, in forever, shoes, clothes, purses, into the box to be given away or sold at a garage sale. I feel lighter already.

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