Full Time RVing; We’re On the Road

We are on the road for about sixteen days, traveling and living in our Fifth Wheel Grand Design, we have christened her “There and Back Again”. We headed west out of Grapevine toward Carlsbad NM, with a overnite in Le Mesa, Texas. Up and out of there the next morning, heading for Carlsbad, stayed in a KOA campground outside of Carlsbad. It was a very nice campground, however the smell most mornings from the petroleum refineries in Artesia, not so good. We had a great time despite the smell. We went to Carlsbad Caverns , which were amazing, they are so magnificent and have weathered well despite the intrusion of humans and all that we have brought with us over the years as we entered these magnificent spaces. I was filled with awe at the beauty and wisdom that speak from these caverns beneath the earths surface.

From Carlsbad to Sitting Bull Falls , located in Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico. Such a treasure running through the canyons.

We took a day trip to Cloudcroft New Mexico, snow on the mountain, not as much as they would have liked, but still beautiful!


From New Mexico we headed back into Texas to the Davis Mountains. Wide open spaces and beautiful mountains, we are have such fun!

I have so many beautiful pictures, can’t wait to get some painting done. More adventures to come!

One thought on “Full Time RVing; We’re On the Road

  1. Hey Hippy Artist! Looks like you’re having a grand adventure enjoying the beauty of the earth! How fun! Your pictures are lovely. I can’t wait to see how they inspire your art. See you soon! Sheri Seawright


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