Gypsy Musings


I just had a massage and some polarity work done with my most wonderful massage therapist  Sandya. This lady is the real thing, just being in her presences, brings peace to my heart. She is a true healer, mind, body and soul. When you walk into her serene space, she has these wonderful words of wisdom, you can read them as you wait. When I walked in, this tidbit of wisdom was waiting for me.

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”

It was definitely a message from the universe, the growing older thing has been on my mind lately, turning sixty in December, was different for me. It seems like what my Dad always said is coming to pass, it sure does seem like “the older you get, the faster time goes by”, wow sixty years into this journey called my life.

I love a little John Denver inspiration:

“I’ve been thinking lately about my life’s time, all the things I’ve done and how it’s been.”

Each day seems to bring a new enlightenment to me, who knows, I may be getting repeat enlightenments, because I forget them, it happens, or I’m not making them a part of my life; “lets run that by her one more time” says the Universe.  What I do know, is that I am living each of my days with love, kindness, creativity and intention. I may be 60, but I feel that I am doing well, just as I should be, for this time in my life journey, .



Five States In Nine Days

2568 miles later, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas, can’t believe we actually drove to, stayed in and enjoyed some of the treasures, in all five of these states, in just nine days. This was quite an adventure and boy did we break in the new rig, both truck and fifth wheel. It really was a pretty smooth trip, We now have seven states on our sticker map, along with lots of memories.

Natural Falls

Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma – beautiful.


I still say this is Auntie Em’s house in Kansas. There were also lots of Robins that called our RV campsite home, in Kansas, good morning 5:43, the robins were singing on the bedroom slide.


Amish community in Iowa.

Johnson Shut ins 3

Johnson Shut Ins State Park, hands down my favorite spot in Missouri. We spent a lot of time with our feet in this turquoise water, it was so refreshing to the soul.

johnson Shut ins 2

Elephant St. Park Missouri

Elephant Rock State Park, Missouri

Hot Springs 3

Our spot in Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs 2

One of the beautiful Wall murals in downtown Hot Springs.


Back at Home base the Vineyards Campgrounds, Grapevine, Texas!


Maiden Voyage Oh My

I think I had a panic attack on Sunday night prior to us leaving on our Maiden voyage in our new Dodge Ram pulling the very big Solitude “There and Back Again II”.  It’s the anticipation, followed by a mega amount of worry, all the crazy thoughts going through my head, things to do, remember, my inner self shouting “exactly how is this simplifying your life”.  Let me just say preparing for a trip takes time and planning and for a worrier such as myself, there is never enough planning and the more time I have to think about it, the crazier I get. Breathe, Carter says to me, in the middle of the night, I do, I finally get to sleep, tomorrow morning our next adventure begins!

Lesson learned: my simplified life needs less worry on my part. Note to self, we did successfully overcome these perceived mountains:
Brought in, stored everything, disconnecting, set the route; really, there are no clues as to what  roads are like until you travel them, let’s just say Hwy 75 going into Oklahoma is rough in a few spots and how is a two lane, no shoulders road, a hwy, just saying. Stopped for potty break for both humans and dogs, the diesel spewed all over Carter’s feet and leather flip flops, they are now in the trash, but we did get some good chicken tenders for lunch, treats and eats all around and it’s back on the road. The dogs, Bilbo Baggins, Gracies and Piper did great, they road like seasoned travelers.


All three collapsed on the sofa after the long trip.

Okay, so it took us six and one half hours to drive from Grapevine to Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma, but we made it all in one piece, we have a beautiful spot, everything survived the trip, even with the shelves falling out of the pantry. Carter did a great job of fixing them, so they should work well for the rest of the trip. Thank you my sweet Carter you have been my rock in my mountain of worries.

IMG_8889Our beautiful spot in Natural Falls State Park.


We hiked down to the base of the falls it was beautiful.



We made it to the base and then the hike out, it was a nice trail for novice hikers such as ourselves.