Five States In Nine Days

2568 miles later, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas, can’t believe we actually drove to, stayed in and enjoyed some of the treasures, in all five of these states, in just nine days. This was quite an adventure and boy did we break in the new rig, both truck and fifth wheel. It really was a pretty smooth trip, We now have seven states on our sticker map, along with lots of memories.

Natural Falls

Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma – beautiful.


I still say this is Auntie Em’s house in Kansas. There were also lots of Robins that called our RV campsite home, in Kansas, good morning 5:43, the robins were singing on the bedroom slide.


Amish community in Iowa.

Johnson Shut ins 3

Johnson Shut Ins State Park, hands down my favorite spot in Missouri. We spent a lot of time with our feet in this turquoise water, it was so refreshing to the soul.

johnson Shut ins 2

Elephant St. Park Missouri

Elephant Rock State Park, Missouri

Hot Springs 3

Our spot in Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs 2

One of the beautiful Wall murals in downtown Hot Springs.


Back at Home base the Vineyards Campgrounds, Grapevine, Texas!


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