Did I Mention That I Love Watercolor

One of my passions and also very much a part of my life is creating art. I work in several mediums, but I really enjoy watercolor. I love the thought process of going from light to dark, the drawing of the image, the depth of light you can create and just the beauty that one can create with watercolor. The vibrant colors and the brightness of the two flowers I painted below, bring a smile to me every time I look at them.

IMG_6549   IMG_6155

Painting in watercolors is an exercise in patience and letting go. My best watercolors are those in which I allow the watercolors to create, I guide them, but they flow over the page and do their own thing. Glazing is that layering process in watercolor, that allows the light to shine off the white paper through the glazes and give the brightness that is the very essence of watercolor.

tomato jar copy least

I enjoy nature and as a full time RVer, we see so many birds, these beauties are one of my favorite subjects to paint in watercolor.

IMG_7539  IMG_7979  Version 2

I also enjoy the challenge of painting folks traveling homes, these are commissioned pieces that I do in watercolor to capture that love we have for our traveling homes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well there you go, my love of watercolors! What a blessing to have a life that enables me to pursue my passion and have such a wonderful time doing it. Thank you for following along with me on this journey.  Short plug, if you are interested in a commission piece, drop me an email, sharen@gypsymusestudio.com.




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