Hipsy Things I love from Amazon

Strathmore Visual Watercolor Journal, use one all the time, in my Word To Live Workshops and Visual Art Journaling classes that I teach. Try one either the hardbound or the spiral bound, you will love them!

I use my Koi watercolor field sketch kit all the time, it even comes with a barrel brush, love the intensity of the 1/2 pans and you get 24 colors, woohoo!

Neocolors are so much fun, they are watersoluble, fill in and use a damp brush, use your finger to smear, these are great for mixed media projects.


One thing we have found to be a great asset in our RV is an air purifier, and specifically this Dyson, although it is expensive it is well worth the money, not only does it cut down on dust in the RV it is a fan and a heater. We use it all the time.